Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cebu Part 3: Virgin Island, Bantayan

Sorry for the delay, but here's the 3rd installment of my Cebu trip last May. Anyway this was our island hopping adventure with our Bantatay (our boat driver who is the coolest ever) and Kuya Jun (our hip-hop tour guide).

We got to wake up early this time cos we made sure we had a wake up call. Call time was around 8am, and even before that, they were already knocking on our door. We had a quick breakfast at the resort, then we walked to the shore to where our boat was waiting. Our destination: VIRGIN ISLAND.

The boat ride from Bantayan Island to Virgin Island takes about 30 minutes. Waters are usually calm in the morning, so it's going to be a smooth ride for sure. When we got there, it was beautiful! It was like Boracay, the sand was fine and WHITE! Plus it's really clean.

According to Kuya Jun the island is privately owned by some rich clan in Cebu - that's why the place is really, really clean. While we were swimming the said family arrived and had lunch and swam in the waters. Ain't that cool? Owning your own island and have people pay you to spend half the day in it? Hahaha!

After several hours in the water, it was time for lunch. Kuya Jun had the food that we bought in the market the previous day cooked in the island. Boy, did we have a HUGE FEAST! We had rice, hotdogs, fish, and liempo...and the best part is that everything IS GRILLED!! :))

To help our digestive systems and since it was too hot out to swim, we walked around the island to check it out. It's pretty big actually, and there were other families and barkadas having their lunch too. It was just a chill day at the beach. It was right smack in the middle of the day but the wind was cool. Really good to take a short nap with the waves lulling you to sleep. Even the dogs loved Virgin Island too!

After Virgin Island we went to another island with a Bisaya name I couldn't even pronounce. But since it was low tide, we had to just anchor off in the middle of the sea and swim around. It was so fun! I finally got the tan I've been lusting for since I was getting paranoid that I was losing the tan I've always had. Tan is LOVE!! :)

Oh and by the way, your stay in virgin Island is NOT FREE! You have an entrance fee per person, and if you cook food there you have to pay again. I think we ended up paying almost P400 for everything. Well kind of expensive, but vacations are really usually expensive anyways! Hahaha!

When we got back to Bantayan Island, we just showered and changed, then it was off to another destination: the town of Madridejos. It's at the other end of Bantayan Island, and that's where we took our epic habal-habal ride just to get there. Stay tuned for that! :D

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