Monday, October 24, 2011

May Field Trip sa Grad School!

Oh yes! May field trip sa graduate school! Funny cos when we were but undergrads in La Salle we never had one. So we all kinda looked forward to this out-of-class activity for our Integrated Marketing Communications class.

Our cool professor, Mr. Rodrigo Cornejo, works at the Office of the President at one of the biggest television networks in the country, GMA 7. Every single time we have our class, he always mentions GMA, as in never fail! Proud to be Kapuso ang lolo niyo talaga! Understandable, cos he's one of the pioneers of the network, present ang lolo niyo nung mga panahon na it wasn't doing well yet.

So last Friday, our class trooped on over to GMA along Timog in Quezon City. Bonggang commute kaya pawis pawisan levels ang lola niyo cos I had to bring my car first to Toyota Pasong Tamo for a 35k km check-up. Alay Lakad ang ganap sa katirikan ng araw! But I seriously missed riding the MRT, since it was past rush hour hindi parang Quiapo o Baclaran ang mga train compartments. And I think a lot of you would agree on this, on the girl's compartments, it's relatively peaceful! Tamuh? Tamuuhhh!! :)

Kami ata ni Drin ang pinaka-maaga don, egzoited much na makakita ng mga artista. Joke lang! But we were early, but it was nice to see that our professor already waiting for us at the lobby of the GMA Network Center, the building he says took Php950 million to complete! BONGGELS!

When we were finally complete, we were lead to the Mezzanine to wait for THE Mike Enriquez. It was nice to see him without his game face, he's usually angry on TV or radio kasi cos he's like our Mr. Expose here. And he spoke to us in STRAIGHT ENGLISH, wag magulat purong La Sallista po itong taong ito. Because we were all La Sallians, chumika ang lolo niyo about La Salle during his time. He was so cool talaga! My Mom doesn't really like him because of the way he speaks on TV or radio, but when I was telling her afterwards how he was really soft spoken pala talaga, although he didn't lack in facial expressions hahaha!

By the way, meet my pretty kulots classmate Rieze. Ang magandang babaitang ito ay galing sa kabila, Kapamilya. Cute when she was in GMA and she was wearing the studio tour pin, laughtrip! Medyo pinagtripan lang siya nila Mike Enriquez hahaha

After his inspirational talk on Integrated Marketing Communications in the media we were given a quick tour of GMA and its studios. I'm no stranger to the place because when I was still working for a publishing company, I got to interview and shoot Arnold Clavio and Heart Evangelista. The place is really modern and jazzed up. A far cry from what they were when they started out.

We were done with the tour just before lunch. Most of us had to rush back to work, but kami na makapal ang mukha at nag-leave or tumakas sa trabaho, we all had lunch at Banapple, Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato. No pictures of the food, but I had the Cheezy Penne, my fave at Banapple. Super good and CHEEZY!! But we had our photos taken at the free photobooth hehe.

Hoping for another out-of-class activity in one of our majors soon! It was really fun! But when I was in GMA I realized I've been veering away from what I really want to do. When I was in high school/college, I wanted to be a reporter, I got as close to it when I was in publishing. But now I'm doing something different, I think it's time get my life back on track! :)

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