Monday, October 17, 2011

Sumo Goodness at Sumo Sam!

Mom have been raving about this restaurant ever since she ate here with a friend she treated to before she left for the US. She said it was really good, a bit pricey, but good! For us, as long as the food's really good, spending a few extra bucks is worth it! Plus Mom and I are huge fans of Japanese food, especially Mom who is ADDICTED to Miso soup!

Sumo Sam is also one of Marvin Agustin's (actor turned restaurateur) babies. In Greenbelt, BFF Trency and I have tried eating at Marciano's.

So last Sunday, after hearing Mass and before watching No Other Woman, we decided to eat at Sumo Sam's newly opened store at Greenbelt 3. It was small but cozy, and the interiors were so bright. They had drawings of sumo wrestlers on the walls, and it reminded me of the anime drawings over at the Ramen Bar!

So here's what we ordered. Of course Mom had her favorite Miso Soup which they served piping hot!

She also had Beef Teppanyaki Don. She said she liked because the beef was tender.

On the other hand, I had my favorite Katsudon. It was really good, and it made me miss other favorite Katsudon over at World Topps in Valero Street, Salcedo Village.

I loved how Sumo Sam have HUGE and generous servings! If you're hungry, this is the perfect place to load up! Check out their menu for other dishes. They've got lots of other stuff to choose from.

Sumo Sam
3rd Floor, Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. No. 903-0847

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