Friday, February 5, 2010

My Heart's Telling Me Something

The past few days I've been having a really hard time breathing. I could feel my heart beating against my chest, it's been beating so hard the area around the shoulders have started to hurt, and my arms getting numb. I had to focus on my breathing just so I could keep up with my racing heartbeat. It has become a bit unbearable and a bit scary that I had to finally go and get myself checked. The cardiologist at the Makati Medical Center told me that I'd have to get a couple of tests before she could recommend medicines for me and even regulate my activities. But she told me to lessen my coffee intake, because it's one of the reasons why my heart has been beating too fast.

Darn! I'm such a coffee addict. I am sooo not gonna last a day without drinking a cup of steaming hot coffee. So my final resolve is to just take one cup of coffee the whole day! AND! If my friends and I decide to go to Starbucks or some other coffee shop, I'm just gonna order something decaffeinated like a strawberries and cream frap.

As for my other habits, I'm still gonna jog. Although I didn't jog last Wednesday because I was still having some difficulty in my breathing. Today and tomorrow I'm going to jog. It's the only thing that's been keeping me from getting fatter and fatter haha. I've missed my Tuesday and Wednesday jog already, so today and tomorrow I'm going to run!! :)

And also, when drinking sessions come along that's the only time I do the old vice. I'm gonna be like my officemate, she only does "the other vice" when she drinks, usually on a Friday night. But the rest of the week she's clean. And I'm gonna be like that. I'm not addicted to it. I've stopped several times, and not once did my hand or whole body shake like stories of some people say. For the past 3 days I've been clean. And since I'm not gonna be drinking 'til next Friday...I'll be clean 'til then!! :)

2010 will indeed be life changing...Perhaps for the better. Maybe this breathing problem will help me strive harder towards a healthier me! I am determined! But let's see as the days and weeks and months progress!! :)


  1. I typed a very long comment but lost it when i clicked post! waaaa!


    (girl, please, please try to change the comment settings. if you could allow everyone, it would be great. your comment settings for now requires your commenters to be either on livejournal, wordpress, blogspot, etc. I have accounts on blogspot and wordpress, but i don't use them now bec i haven't updated them for 10,000 years. I am now self-hosting my blog and it doesnt wanna let me in. waaaa! so I used blogspot muna to post, hehe)

    I will come back some other day. I-reconstruct ko muna long, long post ko na nawala. haha.

    Conratulations on your new blog. I'd link it to mine. It's great reading your thoughts. :-)

  2. Ms. Sherma!! :) I think I changed the settings already. Hope it worked since I'm still trying to figure this one out hehe!

    Let's "see" each other regularly on our blogs. Miss ko na kayo!! :)


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