Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Metro...Connected


Ever since I got my car in March 2007 my public transportation use has been very, very limited. My work is super near my house that on Thursdays (my number coding day) I take a 30 minute walk from the office along Tordesillas to our house in San Antonio Village. Seriously!

I actually miss taking public transportation to work or to wherever. I have to admit, it's a bit elitist of me, that I'm so used to driving that I see public transportation as a hassle now. But I miss it very, very much. I owe my street smarts to all the jeepney, bus, tricycle, MRT, LRT, and Megatren routes. For a little over 21 years I've been a public transportation kid. Now, whenever I get to take them I find it to be such an adventure!

Anyway I saw this in one of the blogs I follow (Spanky, thanks! It's amazing!). I was like O. M. G.!! The MRT's now connected to the LRT! Can you believe that? I've been so out of touch when it comes to public transportation. Minsan, I'm not even sure how much the pamasahe is already! I know when there's a gas price hike, but has the pamasahe increased lately? Not sure!

This extension caused HELL ON EARTH because of the traffic along Balintawak. I mean, traffic's really deadly there, but during this extension's development is was a ton worse than ever! And I'm sure everybody would say HELL YES!

But hey! If it's for the comfort of every MRT-LRT loyalists, then every single hour we all spent fuming and cursing along Balintawak every rush hour is all worth it. It absolutely cuts travel time! It's cheaper and yes, we get to our offices smelling less pungent (haha!)

While we stay safely in our airconditioned cars, those who take public transportation are always at the mercy of sweaty seatmates, dust, pollution, and God knows what! So it's just about time we make their commuting comfortable. Don't you think so?

I think HELL YES! :)

So for my next adventure, I am taking this route just for kicks. I'll start all the way from the Edsa-Taft station of the MRT and end at the last station of the LRT, Baclaran yon diba? :D

P.S. We are all commuters. Whether we take public transportation, or ride a car, or walk, or whatever to wherever our destination is, we still commute. I only learned this like recently. So it's about time you stop saying that you commute to work when you really want to say is you take a jeep or a bus or whatever to work. :)

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