Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cebu Hits: Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

For this blog entry, allow me to veer away from the food and the highly-opinionated blogs. Let me take you in a sneak peak of my travels this past summer months. First on the list should have been Bohol, but I haven't sorted through the hundreds of pictures I took. So first stop on the list is our short stint at the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort.

Last May 19-22, our entire family had to travel to Cebu for my cousin's wedding. May 20 was the wedding (pics to come..errr hopefully) and I was Secondary Sponsor and Mom was Ninang. The first two days were super busy because of the wedding jitters and the meet-the-other-family dinners and lunches. But on the 21st to the 22nd, Mom and I were to relax at the famous resort at the famous Mactan Island.

Besides food, beer, and long drives, I also have a love affair with the SEA. For our barkada beaches are our common haunts during the hot summer months. We've gone as far as Pagudpud and driven 14 hours just to get to the beach! We all have a common love for the open water, sand, getting tanned, and getting sloshed by the beach. It's the most perfect getaway for us!

So Mom booked us on a beach holiday at this 5-star resort. Mom knows when to spend money and WHERE to spend it on! :) We've had this trip planned since February of this year, and I was psyched. I only get to experience a luxurious vacation with my Mom, so I make sure I make the most out of it! :p Both of us needed some downtime and bonding mother-daughter moments, and this was just perfect!! :)

When we arrived, there were lots of KOREANS at the resort. It was a busy day for the staff as people came and went. And there was an upcoming Convergys event that Sunday, so the place was absolutely busy with workers busily putting up the tents. The staff gave us a heads-up and informed us that it will be a very BUSY weekend and that we hopefully keep up with it.

We waited for a golf cart to bring us to our room. And could I just say it was a beautiful villa-type. Here's how it looked from the inside. The room was huge, there was even a veranda outside. I loved the queen sized beds, you can roll around and not fall off the bed! I also loved the bathroom, too bad I wasn't able to use their bathtub!

However, Mom had to call up Housekeeping to ask them to do something about the aircon. It was in the middle of El Nino when we were there, and the heat in Cebu is like twice the heat in Manila. I didn't mind because I was at the beach, but Mom wouldn't take any of it! The cool thing was they changed the entire ariconditioning unit, and added a fan to help cool the room down. :)

I really didn't see them do that because I was there (pic below) at the beach, which was a bit of a letdown for me. I don't like cove-like beaches with too many frills on them. It looked like a man-made beach, so I decided to just swim at the pool near the main restaurant.

It being a 5-star resort, the food was understandably 5-star price. The good thing was it was soooo filling and really yummy! Too bad I didn't take pics of the food. But it was so good. If I remember correctly I had a clubhouse sandwich, and I couldn't even finish the whole thing. Yum!

Since I was too full to hit the bed, I decided to roam around the resort to walk the fullness off. I was halfway through, when I noticed the beautiful lighting of the resort. It was dramatic, plus there was a full moon. I immediately went back to our room, grabbed my DSLR, and took pictures! Here are some of the pics I took.

This is the pool behind the Amuma Spa. I love the reflection of the rooms on the pool's still waters. Definitely my favorite pic!

This was the front desk that night. It was deserted, a complete opposite from that afternoon! It was like ghost town.

I took this while sitting down on the curb. I love how my DSLR captured the moon and how it eerily threw light on the grounds of the resort.

This is the resort's main restaurant, Allegro I think is the name. And that is the pool I swam in earlier that day.

Took this on the beach. It was super low tide. And that white building with the white lights is some resort. :)

The next day was checkout day. I wasn't able to take pictures anymore. As always the place was packed! Breakfast was buffet, and it was yummy. Had toasts with butter, coffee, some cold cuts, and congee. Yum! :)

Had we maximized our stay, I probably would've enjoyed it. But the beach was disappointing, and the water in the pool was HOT. But it was a good thing the staff was really friendly, and really attentive to the guests' needs. And since I was alone, I really didn't enjoy swimming alone with a bunch of foreigners. Hhmmm hope I could have a second shot at Maribago. :)

So if in the hustle and bustle of Cebu and want to get away from the TRAFFIC, come and stay at the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort and relax. I heard they have a great spa!

If in Manila, Maribago also has a booking office at 98 Herrera Street corner Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City. Call them up at 887-1348.

Hope you guys enjoy your stay there!! Let me know if the feeling of getting bored and disappointed with the resort is mutual. Because I sort of feel that way towards Maribago. Oh well... :)

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