Monday, September 13, 2010

Satisfying our Cravings at the CCA Kitchen

Every week now, Mom and I have been having our Sunday bonding at the Eastwood Mall. It's hilarious that we have to travel all the way to Libis from Cainta just so we could hear mass in ENGLISH. But it's been fun cos I've been on an eating spree, and the blog's sorta on a roll. I think that's why I could feel the fat slowly seeping back in my body again! Wait, I just bought new dresses! I have to fit in them!!

So yesterday, Sunday, Mom and I found ourselves at Cravings at CCA Kitchen. I've been pretty familiar with the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) since my editorial days with FAME Publishing. They've been so generous in baking/cooking/whipping up totally delicious dishes and desserts for our magazine readers. But it's my first time to eat at their restaurant, Cravings.

It reminds me so much of Angelo King International Center (AKIC) in Benilde. Since the students are pretty much hands-on, the food you eat are actually made by them, the receptionists are students, and so on. Cravings is pretty much the same, they cook and even sell their products (cookbooks, vino, desserts, and other merchandise).

What's cool about Cravings, and is quite sad how they don't really rely on it to draw in customers, is that when you order from their Entrees you get to avail of their eat-all-you-call soup and salad. You have 3 soup choices - Chili con Chocolate, Egg Soup (which I had and sucked), and Cream of Carrots (which Mom had and was really good!). You could also put in croutons, peanuts, mushrooms, and other stuff to spruce up your soup.

Since Mom's a soup AND salad person, she enjoyed it. But I did get my own salad, which only had cabbage and carrots, it looked pathetic. Sorry it's the only veggies I could actually take.

For the main course, Mom had Braised Beef. It had french fries, rice that looked like porridge, and of course the beef. It was tender and really tasty. Funny cos it was served in this huge ass bowl-like plate thing that occupied most of our table, but really the whole content of it was just at the center.

As for me, I stuck with the good old, never-fail poultry dish. I ordered the Sunday Roast Chicken Dinner, perfect because it was Sunday and it was our dinner. The chicken was HUGE, I think it was 1/2 a chicken, roasted to perfection. It was moist and tender, but not oily, unlike some disastrous roast chicken I had in the past. It was so tasty that there's really no need for gravy or any other sauce. It had rice and buttered vegetables on the side.

Drinks, I had Mango Banana Freeze, which was a disappointment because whoever made it put a whole lot of ice. It ended up with a diluted, watery taste to it. As for Mom, she had Fresh Lemonade, which she liked.

Ambiance-wise, it had this really cool, somewhat homey feel to it. Instead of the usual pinlights or bulbs, they used candle-shaped lights that hang from the ceiling. It was spacious, and you don't bump into the other people's chairs when you get your refill of the salad or soup. I really liked the clean feel to it.

A good experience in a restaurant or any place ensures people to come back to try out new things. As for Cravings, I'd definitely come back and try out some of their entrees. Since it comes with an eat-all-you can soup and salad, it comes out relatively cheap, with that huge meal Mom and I paid less than P1,000. Great to bring the family, especially when you're a group of hungry adults. They also have a promo that if you ring up a bill of P1500 and above you get a 20% discount when you pay with your Citibank Visa card.

3rd Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City

Other branches would be at Katipunan, Shangri-La Mall, Salcedo Village in Makati, and Alabang.

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