Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kiddie Parties Today Are Way More Fun!

I am so bad..haven't really been blogging and I've got a couple more entries lined-up. No thanks to the Hunger Games trilogy which occupied most of my time! But anyway here's one my long-overdue posts! :)

My cutie-pie, yet oddly, Chinese-looking nephew (photo above), Samuel Dumana Yu-Asensi, III or fondly called Trey, turned a year old last October 3. His mom, my cousin, invited all of us to his birthday party at the Li'l Fun Ranch at Westgate, Alabang. I was excited because I love kiddie parties! Why? Number one the food's usually good (all the junk food, yey!). Number two, you just get to feel young all over again, and at 25 you'd do whatever it takes just to experience it, even if it's just a mere couple of hours!

The place was huge! Kids nowadays are just so spoiled when it comes to their playtime, they have this HUGE place just for them to have fun in! And when I was a kid all we had was the vast expanse of our street and Jollibee. Having a party in Jollibee meant you were sorta cool, or something like that! Although in today's modern world a birthday is still best celebrated with the family with a cocktail, sun, sand, surf, and sloshnation at the beach with your best friends, and salubongs on a roofdeck in Rockwell. :)

Upon entering, the first thing that greets you is this BIG ASS play pen! I was awed by this ginormous play thing, I wanted to go in and check it out. But since I wasn't a yaya, I wasn't allowed inside. It looked soooo fun! Why didn't we have this when we were kids? NOT FAIR!

Trey's birthday party was at the Upper Barn. It was a huge function room that could fit about 50 people, with a mini version of that huge play place. When we got there the kids were already throwing balls at each other, screaming, and having a go at the slides. Oooohhh but to be a kid again! *sighs*

The kids were having such a blast running around! The adults (which I unfortunately belong to now) just milled around talking about stuff. But we were soon preoccupied by a really loud host who made the kids do the usual birthday games like bring me, and a modified trip to Jerusalem. And while the kids were playing, the little stations of food started serving popcorn, ice cream, and a chocolate fountain. I was waiting for lunch so I skipped this section first.

After tiring the kids out with the games, the host announced LUNCH and it was like the gates of Heaven opened! I was hungry already ok! My cousin chose a really good food selection (buffet style) for the adults. There was a pretty long line at the buffet table good thing I was quick on my feet and got there first! :D

The adults had a good, balanced meal of carbonara (which was really good!), fried chicken (which was sooo good with the gravy), and Caesar salad (also yumyum!). We all had overflowing iced tea for drinks.

The kidlets had a meal of spaghetti and barbecue. I tasted it and it was really good! :) This is one cool kiddie party, I was loving it..and so were the kids who were really chatting it up while eating! :)

And to keep the kids happy after their big lunch, they were entertained by this really cool magician! He was really good, even the adults had a good time watching him working on his tricks!

After the magic show, it was time for the birthday boy to blow his candle. The kids, sporting really cool, yellow shirts which says, "I had fun at Trey's 1st", all gathered round the cute birthday cake and sang the birthday song.

We didn't get the yellow shirts, but we all got our photos! Photo booths are a hit nowadays, and they're like in every event from wedding receptions to lifestyle events. But this one my cousin hired had a really cool concept. They had a photographer who roamed around with his printer at his back! First time for me to see this and I thought what cool innovative idea!

And so to my little cutie nephew, Trey, hope you had a wonderful birthday! I wish you grow up to be a good boy, good son to your parents, a great loving brother to your Ate Alexa, all the intelligence the Lord could grant you, and a set of wonderful barkadas in the future! It's a cool world, Trey, and I wish for you to set out and make your mark in the world! We love you baby boy!! :)

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  1. Thanks for dropping by Li'l Fun Ranch.:)))

  2. hey my pleasure! you guys make play time real cool for the kids!! :)


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