Monday, July 18, 2011

Raving About Nailaholics!

I am not one kikay girl in fact I don't really dress up, a loose shirt and jeans are more my kind of thing...PLUS semi-dirty Chucks. But every once in a while, a girl's gotta feel extra girly and pampered. I don't spend big bucks for the pampering, a much-deserved massage does the trick!

But just last Sunday, after flying in from my Uncle's 74th birthday bash in Iloilo (to be blogged after this), Mom and I went to SM Mall of Asia to kill time while waiting for someone. My BFF Amanda commented on how dirty my toenails were already, so I knew right there and then that I HAD TO GET A MANI-PEDI A.S.A.P.!! So I went to Nail-a-holics, a nail spa my majorly kikay and good friend Chuchie of Fresh-Cut Grass recommended to me. (Read about her Nail-a-holics experience here)

When we went there it was PACKED, not just by women but also MEN! Yes, men can be really kikay too nowadays! It was super cool seeing them seated in those really colorful sofas, relaxed while having a foot spa and a massage.

I only wanted a pedi because my toenails were a disaster, but the cool reeptionist recommended to get a complete mani-pedi-foot spa package. So I availed of their CLOUD 9, they said it was the most availed of package because of the anti-cellulite treatment for P750.

So they let me sit in one of the colorful sofas, complete with soft, fluffy pillows. Then the lady who attended to me first was Ate Rose, she gingerly soaked my feet in a huge bowl of lukewarm water to soften the skin in preparation for the foot spa. It was so relaxing!

After a couple of minutes, it was time to rub off the dead skin on the soles of my feet. Not really one for ticklish people, but this really softens your skin. Plus, I've read a lot of stuff saying it's really good to remove dead skin. And yes, that would be my Mother kidding around with Ate Rose.

After removing the dead skin my from the soles of my feet, Ate Rose exfoliated both my shin, preparing it for the anti-cellulite treatment. She then rubbed some algae thing on my calves afterwards then wrapped it in Cling Wrap (yes, Cling Wrap I felt like food about to be taken home).

She then wrapped hot towels around the calves. And then the pedicure started. THIS IS THE LIFE!!

Oh, for the manicure, it was Ate Jenny who did it for me. And after almost an hour getting pampered here are the end results: had my toe and fingernails painted RED (the safest color for me). I particularly love how they squared my nails. PERFECT! Now they look like they belong to that of a girl hahaha!

Oh and thanks so much to the cool staff of Nail-a-holics. I was with my Mother that time, and she was so sleepy, they let her sleep in their massage area. Thank you so much!! I swear I will come back! :)

Oh and if in Nail-a-holics MOA make sure to get Ate Jenny and Ate Rose...I swear they're the best!! :)

Nail-a-holics Nail Salon & Spa
2nd Level, South Parking Building
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel. No. 856-1722


  1. Sounds nice. I'd like to try it, too! :)

  2. Hi Lizzie! If you really wanna get pampered do try it! Lemme know how your experience goes!! :))


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