Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cebu Part 4: Madridejos, Bantayan Island

Hi guys! I know it's been on and off again for me when it comes to blogging. I had NO IDEA Grad School can suck the life out of you hahaha and to think I still have more than 2 years to endure (gah!) :D

So to complete (FINALLY) my Cebu Diaries, here's my take on our last stop during our tour of Bantayan Island. I am about to leave for another Visayan province this weekend for my Uncle's birthday, so I decided to wrap this baby up already! :)

So after our island hopping tour earlier in the day, Trency and I just showered and rushed back outside to hop on our rented habal-habal (motorbike) which will take us to the town of Madridejos. Trency really wanted to go here because she heard they had incredible sunsets here.

We had our very cool, hip-hop tour guide with us, Kuya Jun, as our driver. Below are pictures I took while precariously balancing myself on the edge of the motorcycle. With Kuya Jun's crazy-ass driving, I am amazed I was still able to take pictures of the countryside. I tell you this was the CUHRAZIEST motorcycle ride I've ever been on. IT was Trency's first time on a motorcycle and I think she won't ride one again after this experience hahahaha!!

It took about 30-minutes for us to get there, and the first thing we went to is this old fort, much like the one we see in Intramuros. There's really nothing much there, except for some old artifacts recovered from shipwrecks.

From there, we walked on towards the beach. They had this really long boardwalk, but since it was low tide, Trency and I decided to walk on the coral deposits. If you guys are wondering about the old woman, she's scraping shells stuck on the corals. According to Kuya Jun, it's edible and they have it as ulam. The old lady must have been there for quite some time cos she was about to fill that water gallon she brought with her.

But while walking around, Trency and I were treated to another surprise: A RAINBOW! I had already blogged about it before cos I saw another rainbow after this one. A clearer photo of the rainbow is on this blog entry too. It was so beautiful! I felt like it was a sign from Heaven; I knew Trency and I had a good trip together! :)

We waited around for the sunset, and when the sun started setting, Trency and I just sat down at the boardwalk completely ENTHRALLED! It was breathtaking, and it gave the sky a nice orange hue (my favorite color).

It was a great trip with my BFF! Although it would've been sooo sooo much better had BFF Amanda went with us. We kinda just rushed through our activities, but it still gave me and Trency that much needed break from the city. Vacations are really precious for us, and we always make sure we make the most out of it! :)


  1. My mom is from Bantayan and we've got relatives in Madridejos, Sta. Fe and Bantayan proper. I miss the place. Great beaches and slow pace...

  2. Wow you're lucky! The people in Bantayan were the coolest and most accommodating people I have met!! :) and it's true super relaxed, chill wonder a lot of foreigners opt to retire here! It's beautiful!! :))


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