Thursday, October 13, 2011

UPDATED: It All Started With A Videoke Machine

Pardon the story telling...pansin niyo mahilig ako umeksena sa mga long narratives in some blog entries. But I have a point naman! Hahaha!

It was in 2009 when I went back to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte with Steph and Par. The first time I went to Pagudpud was in 2006 marami kami sa barkada non, the summer before our senior year in La Salle. I also came back with officemates early this year! So hindi talaga obvious that I love the place!

We were supposed to be like 4 or 5 on that trip, but some weird stroke of luck happened, and the 3 of us ended up going. Dakilang mga lakwatsera talaga! We took Steph's mom's trusty Ford Everest, and off we went on that 13-hour drive up north. Since it was just the 3 of us medyo slight titigan ang ganap because Pagudpud isn't exactly like Boracay with a wild nightlife. BUT! In Polaris Beach Resort, there's a videoke machine, and being the true Filipinos we are, we (meaning Steph) just wanted to take a whack at it.

BUT (#2)! There were 2 girls who got there before us! Actually, it was Steph who wanted to sing, kating kati ang lola niyong bumirit that's why we egged her to talk to the 2 girls so we can all share the microphone! After a couple of hours of singing, we went upstairs to to our room (which had a veranda) to drink and play cards. Mega bonding ang ganap, that went on to talking about our schools (they were engineering graduates from Mapua (BIGATIN!)), why it was just the 2 of them and the 3 of us there, and at hindi mawawalang LOVE LIFE! :p

Pagudpud circa 2009

Their names were Shera and Mitch....and as they say, the rest is history. Even after we left Pagudpud, we've been in touch through twitter, facebook, and text messages. We've managed to squeeze in one drinking session before, and of course we're planning more if time permits. We've been busy with work and other things, and the other got married and got a kiddo now, but hey, we're still friends! :)

Ondoy Relief Operations, Bulacan, 2009

Post-Christmas/Pre-New Year Inuman Session, 2010

So it was really touching when Shera who gave birth to a cute baby girl 3 months ago, asked all 3 of us to be Ninangs (godmothers) of her panganay. How can we say NO, right? I probably got a good track record because Syb is like my 2nd inaanak this year! Naks!

So October 1, after my Strategic Planning class, I drove to Pandacan to attend Baby Syb's baptism!

Borlogs ang bagets the whole time. Even when the priest was pouring Holy Water on her head, deadma! She was the cutest, and I didn't even see her cry the whole time we were there! She had the plumpest cheeks (which by the way I wanted to bite and pinch).

And after, it was off to their abode for the reception and the drinking session at 3PM. Yes, 3 in the afternoon! It was Tanduay Ice and shots of Emperador Light! Plus, I got to meet the rest of Mitch and Shera's Mapua barkada - Yaw (na super benta na Ogie Alcasid ang peg), Chowkie, Johnny(boy), July, and Ida (forgot the rest...sino na nga ba yung Dume-Derek Ramsay at si jowawers niya? HAHAHA)!

It was super fun! It was really nice meeting you guys! Dance Central na ulit sa bahay nila Johnny! Hahaha oha! May puntahan na sa bahay na naganap, feeling close, etchosera! :p Fierce ang barkadang ito, betchicola ko kasi lahat bakla (literally and figuratively speaking). THE BEST! I'm glad I went to the reception, salamat na rin sa pagpilit Mitch! :D

So all started with a videoke machine in Pagupud! Friendships can be formed in the weirdest sense, but it can go all the way. Thank God for Steph's addiction to videoke, because if she didn't, we wouldn't have met them! :)

So kayo, you guys got the same story as ours? Share kayo! :D

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