Friday, December 17, 2010

A Flurry of Happy Birthdays

I feel bad about posting this super late! But hey, better late than never right? :D

So Halloween this year was not just an ordinary Halloween with the costume parties and the trick or treating by the kids. It was also the birthday month of some people who are very special to me.

And also, 2010 is an extra, extra special year, because we have officially entered our QUARTER LIFE! 25 years on Earth, baby! :)

So that being said, Amanda held her grand 25th birthday party at her Aunt's beautiful home in San Juan. She had her food catered so it was more posh than our cheese and wine party for Trency and my spontaneous beach trip!

The theme was of course HALLOWEEN. Amanda was the devil, and boyfriend Mike the angel (well more like Cupid). Trency went on Flower Power mode, and a couple of Mike's friends went as an Egyptian couple (total A++ for effort...turns out they were headed out to another Halloween party afterwards haha!).

Well, except for this one, he came as himself and was our mascot. Amanda's older sister's Lhasa Apso named Churro. Ain't he a sweetheart? He had us running around in fear of him getting out into the street!

The cupcakes were all made by Amanda's sister, Becca. And her birthday cake, with the Bewitched drawing, is also made of cupcakes! Talk about a major case of sugar rush!!!

Her birthday also served as a reunion for us. Miya, whom we haven't seen in a while before her birthday, came with boyfriend Miguel. And Amanda's neighbors who also became our friends, Pravs and Rajiv also came!

One of the things that made the night HAPPIER was because of them:

Amanda wanted to get all of us totally SLOSHED! The amount of alcohol present that night was more than anyone of us could handle. But someone got totally buzzed, and she said she was in her "happy place". So I guess GOAL ACHIEVED! :D

For my family, our Halloween Party also turned out to be an advanced birthday celebration for my 2 nephews (Dustin and Blake) and my niece (Naya). Here they are blowing their COMMON cake (Mango Cake from Red Ribbon)! We just switched the candles depending on whose turn it was to blow on it! :D

Oh childhood! Don't you guys miss blowing single-digit candles instead of candles blatantly screaming your age, say for example, 25? Hahaha! Oh well, they're our family's next generation! Aren't they cute kids?

And since it was Halloween, the kids all dressed up to the nines and showed off their cool costumes. My godchild, Alexa, showed off her modeling skills! Ain't she a cutie? She looks so pretty in that pink Cheongsam!

This is her little brother Trey, the one I first introduced to you blog readers when he celebrated his first birthday. You see he doesn't need a Chinese costume, his Mom just made him wear that cap with the braid. Cutie pie!! :)

Here are my nephews and nieces altogether. They're just so cute in their Halloween costumes! Hope they don't grow up so they can just stay that cute and adorable FOREVER!

Belated happy birthday to my beloved friend, newphews, and niece! I knew you all had a great birthday! But I wish, especially for the 3 little ones, to know that we'll always be here for you guys. Be good kids to your parents. Don't be afraid to dream; dream, and dream BIG!

To my dear, dear Amanda! You know that you're like a sister to me, you and Trency. I will forever love you despite your constant whining! And don't you worry you'll find something that will truly make you happy, just don't rush it okay! I'll always be here, just a phone call away! Love you BRUHA!! :)

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