Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Ha-ha-halloween!!

Best in late haha! :)

How was your Halloween celebrations? Saw a lot of my friends on Facebook and Twitter post pictures of their Halloween costumes and parties. Seriously medyo witchechelles akitch paki sa Halloween. Not a big fan of the costumes and the thought process involved in sprucing up the costume. I just come as myself all the time, keri na ang pagiging natural na bruhilda ko!

Best example is our family's yearly Halloween party. Kabog ang Cream ng Big Fish sa party na itech! Ever since the apos started growing in numbers, my Tita and Tito made it a point to make our Halloween special. Even if my Tita didn't have a household helper (talk about fired about 3 months ago), iba pa rin ang effort niya in decorating their home in BF, ParaƱaque for this event.

The kids and kids-at-heart pakabugan at pabonggahan sa costume. Hindi talaga nagpatalo ang mga thunders! Pakak si Darth Vader! Achieve!

The pictures are care of my cousin, Ate Anna. While they were having their Halloween party, I escaped and drank with Gladys, John, Miya, and Miguel. Being the youngest among the 1st cousins (what is single and childless?!), medyo hindi na ako makasabay sa groove ng mga muda at puda kong mga pinsan. So I thought it would be better to drink with my friends whom I haven't seen in ages! :)

And ang 2 bagets na itech magkasunod ang birthday! So our Halloween party also turn into their birthday party. Scary lang ang peg ng kanilang party! At least complete pa rin with the costumes! Happy birthday Dustin and Blakey! :)

So ayan! Belated Happy Halloween, All Souls at All Saints from the Dumana family! Wit ako sa fekchoor dahil nakikipag-jinuman ako sa Aguirre niyan hahaha

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