Thursday, November 24, 2011

CHANGE OF DATE: Personal & Basic Make-up Workshop by Jim Ros



And mi amiga Chuchie Ledesma! Chuchie was my officemate and becky friend who has this knack for all things jukap. We were her guinea pigs when we were in the publishing company, FAME, Inc. At nagsimula ang pagiging bakla ko dahil sa kanya!

After her stint as head writer for Zen Health magazine, she is now a make-up artist extraordinaire. She became a MUA for Lourd Ramos (her mentor) and her portfolio boasts of Philippine Fashion Week, Mutya ng Pilipinas, weddings, and photoshoots in our magazines. Check out her tumblr page so you guys would get an idea kung gaano ka-PAKAK ang kanyang jukap skills!

And so bilang gow na gow na si Mother sa jukapan, she asked me to post this invite to a Make-up Seminar with another make-up extraordinaire, Jim Ros, Maybelline's Senior Make-up Artist. Oh diba? Sino bang hindi magiging proud? :)

Click on the poster for the details. Bongga ito mga bakla! Once-in-a-lifetime ang isang jukap session with Jim Ros kaya GOOOWWW! :)

And si Chuchie also does jukap sa mga wedding at kung ano ano pang ganap. E-mail her and let her work her magic on your fez! Kung gusto niyong mag-mukhang mowdel for a day gow na sa make-up ni mareng Chucie! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Ha-ha-halloween!!

Best in late haha! :)

How was your Halloween celebrations? Saw a lot of my friends on Facebook and Twitter post pictures of their Halloween costumes and parties. Seriously medyo witchechelles akitch paki sa Halloween. Not a big fan of the costumes and the thought process involved in sprucing up the costume. I just come as myself all the time, keri na ang pagiging natural na bruhilda ko!

Best example is our family's yearly Halloween party. Kabog ang Cream ng Big Fish sa party na itech! Ever since the apos started growing in numbers, my Tita and Tito made it a point to make our Halloween special. Even if my Tita didn't have a household helper (talk about fired about 3 months ago), iba pa rin ang effort niya in decorating their home in BF, ParaƱaque for this event.

The kids and kids-at-heart pakabugan at pabonggahan sa costume. Hindi talaga nagpatalo ang mga thunders! Pakak si Darth Vader! Achieve!

The pictures are care of my cousin, Ate Anna. While they were having their Halloween party, I escaped and drank with Gladys, John, Miya, and Miguel. Being the youngest among the 1st cousins (what is single and childless?!), medyo hindi na ako makasabay sa groove ng mga muda at puda kong mga pinsan. So I thought it would be better to drink with my friends whom I haven't seen in ages! :)

And ang 2 bagets na itech magkasunod ang birthday! So our Halloween party also turn into their birthday party. Scary lang ang peg ng kanilang party! At least complete pa rin with the costumes! Happy birthday Dustin and Blakey! :)

So ayan! Belated Happy Halloween, All Souls at All Saints from the Dumana family! Wit ako sa fekchoor dahil nakikipag-jinuman ako sa Aguirre niyan hahaha

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Latte Love: A Latte Art Workshop

If you've read some of my entries, you'd know how much I absolutely can't live without caffeine! I am simply addicted to coffee. I usually get to have 3-5 cups, depending on the situation and the level of sleepiness I am in.

So I was thrilled when I received a Blogger's Pass for an event on a subject I really understand and love: COFFEE. The event is called Latte Love: A Latte Art Workshop and it'll be held on Saturday, November 5 from 2 to 5PM at the Landmark TriNoma in Quezon City.

The first time I saw latte art was in Boracay, I forget the name of that cafe but I see it clearly in my mind's eye. Ever since then, it continues to amaze me - how they can "draw" or "create" art using latte! AMAZING! Makes you not want to touch your coffee AT ALL sometimes hahaha

Thank you so much to Krups Marketing. I will run to TriNoma right after my Strategic Planning class all the way from La Salle in Taft. Your latte event will keep me up for an extra few more hours! :)

Who else will be going to this event? Give me a holler! :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lashing Out at the Taksiyapo Wall

BFF Trency and I set out on a roadtrip not too long ago (think last long weekend before the November 1 holidays). Seems like the two of us end up going together on trips since the others are just way too pre-occupied with their lives! Last time we went out on a major trip was in Cebu during the summer, which you can read about here, here, here, and here. Being the only two single girls left in the barkada, we stick together like peas and carrots to somehow cover up that fact hahaha!

We were on our way to San Juan, La Union for a surf trip, when we passed by this restaurant called Isdaan along Gerona, Tarlac. Guys! You'll never miss this restaurant along the main national highway. It's like a major stopover for families. Good thing we decided to stop over the restaurant on the way to La Union, because when we passed by Isdaan on our way back to Manila it was JAMPACKED!

We didn't eat here though, but we stopped here on the way to La Union to try out the famous Taksiyapo Wall. Mariko and I planned a trip to Isdaan to experience this, but never got the chance to, sayang! I really don't know why it's called that, but it has become popular here because you can throw stuff (choose from mugs, saucers, plates, bowls, vase to television sets!) at the Taksiyapo Wall. So if the Jews have their Wailing Wall, we Pinoys have the Taksiyapo Wall to lash out

Here's Trency with her very highly emotional throwing. She doesn't get angry a lot, so I understand her need for releasing the stress/tension. She got so carried away, she hit one of the light bulbs and the broken pieces ricocheted near the cashier. The poor ladies almost got hit! :p

I for one get angry all the time, hence the lack-luster throwing. Sorry! Although I must admit it was fun throwing things just for the heck of it. :)

So if you guys are on a road trip up north, make sure to stop by Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac. Release your tension and try out the Taksiyapo Wall. Don't forget to shout Taksiyapo before throwing your item into the wall, they say it gives it an emotional twist.

But has anyone of you eaten here? Is the food any good? Worth going on a road trip for? Lemme know! :)

P.S. Also, don't forget to bring Off Lotion or any anti-mosquito lotions. The place is one huge fish pond, so it's also one huge place filled with stagnant water. Better safe than sorry right?! :)

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