Friday, June 25, 2010

Catching the Last Rays of the Summer Sun

I am now finally able to post pictures of our huling summer hirit! :) This has been one grueling week for me, and seriously, I've been quite delirious. So blogging has been totally brushed aside. So now, here's my chance to share these few pictures of our Batangas escapade.

I already gave a detailed blog about this adventure (click here to brush up on that account), and despite a few roadblocks - from Trency leaving her wallet at her Katipunan condo to the super mega traffic jams we encountered - we had a blast!!

And since everybody seemed to be escaping the Metro and sharing the same thought of catching the last few summer rays, the Batangas resorts were brimming with people. We had a bitch of a time finding a nice sort-of private resort to stay in for the day. And just when all hope was gone, we found a shimmering ray of hope in Taramindu Beach Garden Inn in San Juan.

This is their restaurant, with a view of the inn. There was one client who left their room door open, so I was able to take a peak inside. It was small but comfortable. The room I saw had two beds, and looked really, really homey. Not bad! :)

Their beach wasn't bad either. It wasn't sandy, so I loved it. The beach had small stones instead of the powdery sand. So the water was clear and you wouldn't have problems with the sand going in areas where it's not supposed to. Trency and I had fun swimming in the cool waters and soaking under the sun!

And of course, what is a beach vacation without getting SLOSHED!! While sun bathing we saw this vendor walking past us, and we saw CHICHARON! Trency called out Manong and we bought, at first, one pack of chicharon. Then, with the chicharon, came my much-loved SAN MIGUEL BEER!

From one bottle, came another round. I didn't care if there was no ice, I just wanted to drink. I can't help it! It's the alcoholic in me! After 3 packs of chicharon and 2 rounds of beer (the two unfinished beer bottles are Trency's, I am the proud owner of the two EMPTIED beer bottles HA!), we were done for the day!

It was short but definitely SWEET! Trency and I had a lot of fun in San Juan. Next time we go back to San Juan, we're definitely staying at Virgin Beach. But we didn't have a bad experience in this resort, so it was the perfect HULING HIRIT, and a place I would totally recommend. The staff was also great and very accommodating! So Trency and I couldn't have asked for more! :)

I just checked, Taramindu's website is up and running. If you guys are planning on a simple vacation, check out their website by hitting this.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Fother's Day Dinner @ LU

Yep! You read it right. Fother's Day. You see, to those who know me, I only have a Mom. But if I write down the whole story, it'll take up most of the blog entry. So to make the long story short, I have a Mom who is both a mother and father to me. And I couldn't ask for more! :)

So last June 20, I decided to treat her to LU, the restaurant she's been wanting to eat in for quite some time now. She heard Ricky Carandang rave about LU's porkchops on ANC. And I've also read some reviews about this place. So it was a perfect excuse to spend. :)

I've blogged about me spending money on food, and I must tell you every single peso I paid was freaking worth it at LU! Here's what we ordered:

Lamb Bolognese on Rigatoni. I must say that that week I had the misfortune of eating great tasting pasta with UNDERCOOKED noodles. The noodles were again a bit tough, Mom commented that they might have been scared to overcook the noodles. Either way, it was delicious! It was a bit maasim, but the LAMB was yummy! No malansa taste for this lamb dish! :) A must try! :D

LU's Ultimate Porkchops. And oh. my. was it ULTIMATE! ULTIMATELY TO-DIE-FOR! We understood at once, make that at first bite, why Ricky Carandang just can't get enough of this! The porkchop was HUGE! And super duper tender! YUMMY!!

That would be my Mother, or should I say, Fother, cutting up the porkchops! :p

Mom and I aren't really heavy eaters, but we finished every single thing on our plates! It was yummy! And right now, I dream about going back to LU just to eat! I have to order those damn porkchops again, and the famous Truffled Mac & Cheese! :)

I wanted dessert to go, because Mom wanted to have coffee. So I ordered this gem of a dessert. Presenting the PB&J Tart! :)

I am on a constant diet, because if I don't watch what I eat, I'd be as big as the globe! Seriously! But this damn thing did me in! Mom's not into sweets either, but she loved this! I have a love affair with peanut butter, I don't and will not ever get tired of it, so this was the ultimate treat for me. Good Lord in Heaven Above! If you guys are planning on eating at LU, please leave space for dessert, because you will miss out on a WHOLE FREAKING LOT when you don't order this one! AND WITH COFFEE, Diyos ko PATAYAN NA TALAGA!

But like any restaurant, LU has it's flaws. Despite it being high-end, the staff seemed to be a bit negligent. I've heard stories about long waiting periods, and it was sad to have seen it. The family beside us was not thrilled after waiting for some time for their FLOUNDER to arrive. And I noticed there were several tables still without food even when they ordered before we did.

But still, I would highly recommed LU because of the GOOD FOOD. They say it's Moroccan, but they have other things on the menu. When I go back, I'd have to try their cocktails especially the Diab-LU. :)

It was a lovely way to celebrate Father's Day. I love treating Mom to fancy shmancy stuff once in a while because I know she appreciates the gesture. So to my beloved Mama, Happy Fother's Day. I love you!! :)

So if in Rockwell, pass by LU and you won't be sorry! Reservations are a must because the place really fills up! :)
Lu Restaurant, Rockwell
G/F Joya Bldg., Joya Drive, Rockwell
Makati City, Metro Manila
To reserve: please call (+632) 403-3991

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soho Feel @ Marciano's

Last Friday, Trency and I decided to eat out for lunch. She was resigning that day, and so she wanted to pig-out before handing over her resignation. Our growling tummies lead us to Greenbelt. At first we wanted Japanese, John and Yoko came to mind. But we were disappointed because they didn't have any seats outside. Other choices were Chili's, Mr. Jones, and Fish&Co.

After much fiasco, we ended up eating at MARCIANO'S. A restaurant in Greenbelt 3 co-owned by actor-turned-restaurant guru, Marvin Agustin. I've passed by this place a hundred times but never got a chance to try it out.

Trency and I opted to stay outside, but I still couldn't help but be amazed with the inside. It had cute chandeliers on the right side. It's like an intimate date place because they had curtains which you can pull down to give you and your date your privacy. It had a very Soho-feel to it. It's like an Upper East Side restaurant in the heart of Greenbelt.

Trency told me that they show old black-and-white movies here. Too bad they weren't showing that afternoon.

We were both so hungry since we got there at around 2pm. Upon our server's recommendation, Trency ordered their lunch special: Pork Ragout with salad and iced tea. (P228)

It took some time before it came. But the long wait was worth it as it was really, really good. Their pork was tender, really easy to chew. The sauce, gravy-like, was really tasty and totally complemented the pork and mashed potatoes. It was a great meal, and how I wish I ordered that as well. Totally recommended. :D

Here's mine: Legally Blonde pasta (penne noodles in tomato sauce, P268) and ripe mango juice (P148).

The pasta was good, with authentic tomato sauce, but the penne was undercooked, still a bit tough. But, I loved the mushrooms, and kept picking on them. And the cheese was mmmhhhmmm good!! :D The ripe mango was LOVE. It was a hot day, and it was really refreshing. A must-try.

A bit expensive for lunch. But like I said, our barkada spends a lot on food. Since I was with a great friend, I think it was all worth it! :D And it was my treat for myself after a grueling, hectic, Thursday! Great way to end the week. Thanks Trency!! :D

2nd Level, Greenbelt 3

Friday, June 18, 2010

I Believe in Love :)

It's such a cynical world. And I admit to adding up to the cynicism in this world! But despite that, I will always, always believe in love and marriage despite what others say about it. Love or marriage will NEVER be perfect. What is perfect in this world to begin with? But it will always be up to the two of you to make it perfect. :)

It's actually funny to hear stories about the marrying type who aren't married yet. And there are those who aren't the marrying type but are already married or about to get married. It's cool how the world could sometimes play tricks on people. And this is the story of my cousin. My cousin the intelligent one, the cardiologist, the heartthrob/heartbreaker and the NOT-SO marrying type. But in the end, fate finally lead him to his match. :) This was his Cebu wedding through the lens of my camera.

The blushing bride. :)

The bride walked down the aisle by her Mom and Dad.

Saying their "I-do's" :)

My favorite pic. I love the spontaneity of this pic and how I captured their happy moment. :D

Sealing it with a kiss :*

Having their cake and eating it too. Although the eating part not shown hehe. But they did eat the cake! :p

Isn't it nice to see happy endings? I posted this not just to share the happy ending for my heartthrob cousin, but also because it's June and it's supposed to be the "wedding month". I swear when I get married it's going to be as romantic as possible! :)

Congrats Kuya Jay and Ate Maam! Definitely thrilled to have shared that special moment with you guys!! :D

Date: May 20, 2010
Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Reception: Clubhouse of Maria Luisa

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Twice's the Charm

There's this saying that goes, "Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me." Well, it seemed that for 8065 Bagnet, the 2nd time seemed to have worked wonders, and it didn't make a FOOL out of ME! Last Sunday, my good friend Mariko and her HS barkada, passed by our village to eat at the now-popular bagnet place. Alas, it was still closed when they came over.

So the next day, still very adamant in eating at 8065, she came back, now with Tita Mavic, her Mom. And this was where things turned around (for me, anyway). Since it was hot out, we opted to stay inside. It really had this nice, relaxed, homey feel to it. With the dimmed lights and the cool air, it's almost like a nice spot for an intimate dinner. :)

The cool thing was there were books neatly stacked on a bookshelf, and that the walls and tables were free for everyone to WRITE ON! There's Mariko and Tita Mavic having the time of their lives scratching/etching stuff on the table. :)

Apparently, there was also Quiz Night in this small place. Trency, Gladys, Amanda, and I used to head on over to 121 at Allegro, Pasong Tamo Ext., for Quiz Night. And that board reminded me of how fun it was. I miss quiz nights!

We also found out that Kitchie Nadal's sister owned the place. Tita Mavic snooped around because she saw the awards of Kitchie displayed on the shelves. But it seemed that the waiters and waitresses didn't want to tell us the name of the sister. Weird! Or they didn't know her name? Even more weird!

But the salvation was really in the food. I said in my first blog about 8065 Bagnet that if and when I come back I'd go for the original bagnet. And thank you Lord God did I order that this time around. It was great! Consistency wise, it was perfect. The melt-in-your-mouth type of meat. I would definitely recommend it to first time bagnet-eaters.

8065 Bagnet, you saved your selves! Twice's the charm! The Ilokana in me just gave all of you a two-thumbs up!

There's another bagnet place near our former Alma Maters. When we passed by it, the name was STOOPS. Gotta try that one, just so I could compare which one's better! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Edible Mouse! :D

My childhood friend turned current officemate had a little treat with her yesterday. Although the treat wasn't for me (sad!), I was smitten by the sight of the treat IMMEDIATELY! On top of her table was a plastic bag from Go Nuts Donuts, seen below.

I didn't take much interest in it until I saw what was inside, obviously donuts (duh!:p). But the shape of the donut grabbed my attention. It was my favorite character: MICKEY MOUSE!! Oh my gosh! I just had to take a picture of it and share it with you guys! It looked way too cute to eat!

Yes, the mouse is now edible! :)

Although I must say that my loyalty is still with Dunkin Donuts and their brewed coffee, but this is just too hard to pass up! Come on! How cute are those Mickey Mouse-shaped donuts, right?

So I went to the Go Nuts Donuts website and found out that they have Disney Magical Treats. They also have Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger-shaped donuts! How cool! The 5 year old kid in me just jumped for joy!

I am gonna get me a Mickey Mouse-shaped donut later! Paired with brewed coffee, I can just imagine my taste buds exploding with delight! :)

So run to the nearest Go Nuts Donuts and get yourself one of these cool treats. Click here to find out more about these lovely donuts, and where you can find them! :D


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cebu Hits: Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

For this blog entry, allow me to veer away from the food and the highly-opinionated blogs. Let me take you in a sneak peak of my travels this past summer months. First on the list should have been Bohol, but I haven't sorted through the hundreds of pictures I took. So first stop on the list is our short stint at the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort.

Last May 19-22, our entire family had to travel to Cebu for my cousin's wedding. May 20 was the wedding (pics to come..errr hopefully) and I was Secondary Sponsor and Mom was Ninang. The first two days were super busy because of the wedding jitters and the meet-the-other-family dinners and lunches. But on the 21st to the 22nd, Mom and I were to relax at the famous resort at the famous Mactan Island.

Besides food, beer, and long drives, I also have a love affair with the SEA. For our barkada beaches are our common haunts during the hot summer months. We've gone as far as Pagudpud and driven 14 hours just to get to the beach! We all have a common love for the open water, sand, getting tanned, and getting sloshed by the beach. It's the most perfect getaway for us!

So Mom booked us on a beach holiday at this 5-star resort. Mom knows when to spend money and WHERE to spend it on! :) We've had this trip planned since February of this year, and I was psyched. I only get to experience a luxurious vacation with my Mom, so I make sure I make the most out of it! :p Both of us needed some downtime and bonding mother-daughter moments, and this was just perfect!! :)

When we arrived, there were lots of KOREANS at the resort. It was a busy day for the staff as people came and went. And there was an upcoming Convergys event that Sunday, so the place was absolutely busy with workers busily putting up the tents. The staff gave us a heads-up and informed us that it will be a very BUSY weekend and that we hopefully keep up with it.

We waited for a golf cart to bring us to our room. And could I just say it was a beautiful villa-type. Here's how it looked from the inside. The room was huge, there was even a veranda outside. I loved the queen sized beds, you can roll around and not fall off the bed! I also loved the bathroom, too bad I wasn't able to use their bathtub!

However, Mom had to call up Housekeeping to ask them to do something about the aircon. It was in the middle of El Nino when we were there, and the heat in Cebu is like twice the heat in Manila. I didn't mind because I was at the beach, but Mom wouldn't take any of it! The cool thing was they changed the entire ariconditioning unit, and added a fan to help cool the room down. :)

I really didn't see them do that because I was there (pic below) at the beach, which was a bit of a letdown for me. I don't like cove-like beaches with too many frills on them. It looked like a man-made beach, so I decided to just swim at the pool near the main restaurant.

It being a 5-star resort, the food was understandably 5-star price. The good thing was it was soooo filling and really yummy! Too bad I didn't take pics of the food. But it was so good. If I remember correctly I had a clubhouse sandwich, and I couldn't even finish the whole thing. Yum!

Since I was too full to hit the bed, I decided to roam around the resort to walk the fullness off. I was halfway through, when I noticed the beautiful lighting of the resort. It was dramatic, plus there was a full moon. I immediately went back to our room, grabbed my DSLR, and took pictures! Here are some of the pics I took.

This is the pool behind the Amuma Spa. I love the reflection of the rooms on the pool's still waters. Definitely my favorite pic!

This was the front desk that night. It was deserted, a complete opposite from that afternoon! It was like ghost town.

I took this while sitting down on the curb. I love how my DSLR captured the moon and how it eerily threw light on the grounds of the resort.

This is the resort's main restaurant, Allegro I think is the name. And that is the pool I swam in earlier that day.

Took this on the beach. It was super low tide. And that white building with the white lights is some resort. :)

The next day was checkout day. I wasn't able to take pictures anymore. As always the place was packed! Breakfast was buffet, and it was yummy. Had toasts with butter, coffee, some cold cuts, and congee. Yum! :)

Had we maximized our stay, I probably would've enjoyed it. But the beach was disappointing, and the water in the pool was HOT. But it was a good thing the staff was really friendly, and really attentive to the guests' needs. And since I was alone, I really didn't enjoy swimming alone with a bunch of foreigners. Hhmmm hope I could have a second shot at Maribago. :)

So if in the hustle and bustle of Cebu and want to get away from the TRAFFIC, come and stay at the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort and relax. I heard they have a great spa!

If in Manila, Maribago also has a booking office at 98 Herrera Street corner Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City. Call them up at 887-1348.

Hope you guys enjoy your stay there!! Let me know if the feeling of getting bored and disappointed with the resort is mutual. Because I sort of feel that way towards Maribago. Oh well... :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Surprises @ SOMS!

I am lucky that my high school barkada loves FOOD! I'm not really adventurous when it comes to food, but when I'm with them I get dragged into trying out new stuff, AND SPENDING!!! Mind you, we are just simple employees of corporations, and so money issues are a bit of an issue (I won't deny that!). But when I'm with my best friends, it's an unwritten rule that when we eat, we spend.

Amanda's usually the reason why we spend A LOT in food. She's picky, and she knows GOOD FOOD. And yes, GOOD FOOD sometimes mean you have to spend. As a barkada we've hit restaurants from the pricey to the cheapest eateries. Spiral, Masas, Fridays, Fish & Co., Mr. Jones, Bubba Gump, Casa Armas, among many others. FAST FOOD CHAINS NOT INCLUDED!

So you guys get the idea now, right? When we eat...we spend, and spend A matter where that is! And such was the happening when we ate at SOMS Noodle House last Wednesday night. Trency just got their new apartment over at Rockwell because her sister is now officially an AQUILA LEGIS (not the fraternity ok...just an Ateneo Law student!) So we all met up at her pad, parked our cars, and walked to SOMS.

In the midst of a humble Makati subdivision lies SOMS. I've eaten there once before with Amanda, Mike, and another couple-friend. I wasn't a fan of Thai food until they made me try it at SOMS. I think SOMS will be the only Thai restaurant I will ever eat in! The first time I was there, people had to eat outside. The tables were lined up in neat rows on the sidewalk, and it's like a primped up turo-turo. But now, a couple of months AFTER, they have finished their indoor dining area, therefore accommodating a lot more people. But they still have their outdoor dining for smokers and those who love the feel of eating Thai food just like in Thailand.

The good part when we were there last week, we were all freagen hungry. So we went inside and told the waitress our orders. Amanda was the one who started dictating to Ms. Ordertaker the food we were about to devour. It sounded A LOT, as usual. And when Ate Waitress told us the amount I almost fainted. P1,066 for everything. To give you all an idea of what we ate, here are the evidences:

The yummy bagoong rice we were still able to share despite it being good for one!

Pepper Beef. A surprise to my taste buds! It was good, although the beef was a bit tough. Chew hard to prevent choking. :)

An ultimate fave: Chicken Pandan! OH MY GOSH! It's an ultimate surprise under the pandan leaves...delish!!

Pad Thai: The most-ordered but very disappointing food at SOMS. I've tasted the real-deal Pad Thai, and this is NOT Pad Thai from Thailand! But it's a pwede na for those craving for Thai food.

And this was our rice "for sharing". I loved the shrimps! There was one huge one and it was love! :)

A new order Chicken Curry! Wow! Really good. Though not spicy...and I was counting on the ZING from the curry. A bit of a let down...but it was good and the chicken was really tender! :)

All that plus our drinks cost P1,066. Since there were 4 hungry people, I guess it was enough. But still, P1000+ for a dinner with the girls is sooo not ok! :p

And so we bonded, laughed, and talked about senseless stuff. Trency's sister wanted to have dinner so we waited for her over a couple of rounds of...wait for it...BEER!!!!!!! I've blogged about my love for beer, and that night I got sold on 3!

When Trency's sister got there, she ordered Tofu Curry with some other form of vegetables. She's vegetarian, so we weren't that interested on her main course. But what got us hooked was her dessert, STICKY RICE WITH MANGO! We didn't even know SOMS had dessert. Oh my was YUMMY!!! You have to get a spoonful of the sticky rice together with the mango, put it in your mouth and just close your eyes and savor the flavor! It was a perfect match! A MUST TRY!!!! :)

It was a fun night! As always a night-out with the girls makes one perfect de-stress moment. Beats the spa!:p Since they were closing, that was about 10.30PM but still there were people inside, we walked back up to Trency's apartment filled to the brim with Thai food and girl talks!

So if in Makati or just craving for some authentic Thai food, come on over to SOMS Noodle House at A. Alegre St., Poblacion, Makati City. I don't think they entertain reservations because it's just a small place. It really fills up so try to come early! But hey, it's guaranteed authentic because the owner of the joint is from Thailand! ENJOY! :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mr. Jones and US GIRLS! :)

I have just realized that my food adventures somewhat come later than everybody else. When everybody's written a feature article or a blog about it, that's the only time I get to muster strength to shell out hard-earned sweldo. So one day, after reading blogs and reviews, I decided to text the girls a day after payday to splurge a bit and eat yummy American food.

Trying to be organized, I made reservations around lunchtime last Tuesday to confirm our impending presence at 7.30PM at, none other than, the famous MR. JONES!! :)

Excited about trying their good, huge-ass meals, I left work early, make that 11 minutes early (ha!). Yes, under time's are called for on occasions such as these! :) I merrily drove to Greenbelt 5, with the mental images of their food already swimming in my mind. Weird though, I was NOT hungry yet. But I made sure I had to eat, and eat well. Mr. Jones has this reputation of happily feeding his customers. No one goes home unsatisfied or bitin.

Finally, I got to the mecca! Trency had been waiting for quite some time, and we still lacked one more person. But because she was soo hungry, we decided to order while waiting for Gladys. And lo and behold, the gigantic menu was placed on our laps. Mon, our server for that night, was a total prince! He attended to our every need! He kept changing the ashtray every time we finished a stick. It was hilarious!

Back to the food, we decided to order stuff that we can all share. Mr. Jones also has big-ass servings so it's always for sharing. Our barkada LOVES food! But our tummies aren't that fit for an ultimate pig-out session most of the time. Har! But it doesn't stop us to appreciate great food! :)

So this is what we ordered:
The famous, oh-so-creamy-licious, bowl-licking yummy Mac and Cheese!! :)

My goodness it was so creamy and oh-so-filling we almost couldn't finish it. I loved picking on the 4 different types of pasta. The saltiness of the bacon complimented with the cheesiness, that's why we missed out on the umay factor usually associated with the sweet or creamy stuff.

Our second order was the Fish n' Chips. Now this is my fave!! :)

I love fish and chips! Some times it's my "safety" order. I love the fish and chips at the Fish & Co. too! But may I just say that Mr. Jones' fish and chips is just so good we didn't stop attacking the plate until every bit of fish meat and french fries were cleared off. Heck! Gladys and Trency even started picking on the coleslaw. It was that good! And the fries, at first bite we were like "KFC FRIES!" It tastes exactly like the fries at KFC, ketchup-y and crispy. In not so many words, delish!! :)

Of course every girls' night out will not be complete without the alcohol. Getting sloshed with the girls ends perfectly. I love beer! As in LOVE beer! But that night I decided to be all sosyal and opted for the cocktails. So me and Gladys ordered our GINORMOUS cocktails.

Marga & Rita for me! Just look at the size of that! :)

It was Ernest a.k.a Mojito for Gladys. She was on a Mojito craze and she absolutely adored her Mojito!

It was love at first bite at Mr. Jones. I am coming back...and coming back for more. The Mac and Cheese will be there of course, but I promised myself I'll order something different the next time. Mr. Jones I shall return...wait for me! :)

So if you guys want to try Mr. Jones and be one of the thousands of people raving about this place, head on over to Greenbelt 5. If you're coming from the Greenbelt chapel it's on the left side, on the side of Zara. Since it's just a small diner place I highly suggest calling them at 501-3682 or 501-3683 for reservations. The place fills up with yuppies and families out for some great dinner. Oh! And look for Mon, the cool server! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

50-50 @ 8065 Bagnet

My love affair with THE BAGNET started when my Mom's good friend and my ninong, Robert Kuan, former Chowking owner, opened a Filipino restaurant in Rockwell back in the early 2000s. It was called Hot Cafe, hope you guys still remember it! Back then it was being managed by his older son, but alas, he seemed to not have inherited his father's ala-Midas-touch with restaurants and food.

Before it closed, every time Mom and I would be at Rockwell, I made sure I ate bagnet at Hot Cafe. It was a must!! I liked how the meat was soft, not the rubbery type. When you chewed on it, the meat breaks down into tiny pieces, good enough to swallow wihthout having to choke to death. It was pure bliss. And with rice, PATAYAN NA!

And also because I am of Ilocano decent, bagnet is a familiar dish in our family. My lola made HEAVENLY bagnets before Mom became the health freak that she is now. Ever since my lola died, Mom who has been in control of our food, we've stopped eating "unhealthy" food for fear of dying from cholesterol overload. And yes, for my very dearest mother goose, bagnet is one of the deadliest sins!!! My lola on the other didn't give a hoot, as long as her apos were happily filled and contented, she was at peace with herself! *I MISS YOU LOLA!!* :)

Anyway, back to my post. I haven't eaten bagnet in such a looong time! It was only this year when my best friend Amanda told me of her interest in opening a BAGNETAN in Sucat for our business venture. So, the bagnet is back in the groove, me thinks! She insisted I tried the bagnet place near our former school, somewhere in Estrada. But we never got to.

But there was a bagnet place near our house. The name: 8065 Bagnet. Literally just a stone's throw from our place, the funny thing is that I have never set foot in it. I drive past it every damn day, but I still haven't gotten that chance to try it. When I take a quick look inside it's filled with customers, some times even foreigners. So it must be really good.

So one night one of my closest college friends, Mariko, decided to swing by Makati (which is like once in a blue moon). While waiting for her mother's call to pick her up in Manila, me and Mariko decided to try that much-talked about bagnetan. She laughed at my sorry ass because I lived nearby and it was just my first time to try it.

When we got there, the ambiance was relaxed and quiet. Exactly like a home, but way funkier! There were 4 tables outside, and several more inside. It was homey and I loved it! We opted to stay outside, and I must say it was well-ventilated. There was even a little "pond" at the side, where a cute Kermit the Frog, a lone turtle, and a couple of shy fishes, welcome hungry diners.

Of course, we came there for the bagnet, but there were other entrees available. It was unbelievably cheap! It was Mariko's first time to eat bagnet, I had to tell her it was like lechon kawali but WAY better! The bagnet virgin decided to try the original platter, which had the bagnet, a cup of rice, achara, and green mango with bagoong. She fell in love with the bagoong and even wanted to order more green mangoes. She reported to me that the bagnet was delish! She loved the tenderness of the meat, and I tell her that's exactly how bagnet should be served. It should be soft and tender, but the meat should still be intact. That would be her lovely plate, with the disturbed rice. I had to stop her so I could take a picture first!

I, on the other hand, decided to play around with my order, since I've had original bagnet way back! I tried the kare-kare bagnet. And when it came out, I made some gagging sounds. The food presentation was sooo not okay. So I thought the taste would make up for it. Alas, I was a bit disappointed. There was no way in hell that it tasted like kare-kare! But at least, the bagnet's meat was tender, or else I would've made a fit! Hello! ILOKANO HERE! I KNOW AUTHENTIC BAGNET Y'ALL! And as a kare-kare lover, they all should have been struck by lightning from God above with their sorry attempt at "kare-kare bagnet". I should have just stuck to the original! That would be my food...eeww right?!

But since I found Mariko's order more yummy looking, my fork found it's way to her bagnet, more often than it was on my plate. And it was YUMMEEEEYYY!!! :) I don't eat rice anymore, but the occasion called for it! I felt guilty afterwards, since my meal wasn't as good as I expected it to be.

And please don't be discouraged. There are other meals to be tried and other bagnet variants to be ordered! So yes, I give 8065 Bagnet a 50-50 on my food-o-meter. I'm no food critic, but I know my food, especially when I've had them since I was a kid! My lola would've gone stark raving mad with the kare-kare bagnet. But she would've also given them a two-thumbs up with the original. :)

So if you guys want to try 8065 Bagnet, come on over to 8065 Estrella Ave., San Antonio Village, Makati City. Give them a ring at 508-1807.
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